About Us

Since 2016, Known Physio has built its reputation in Singapore through its professionalism, experienced physiotherapists, and providing quality services. We strongly believe in keeping you active, healthy and in good shape in order for you to pursue the activities that you enjoy. We emphasize on the importance of healthy living and continue to encourage our patients to make the best of themselves.


To empower the masses on the knowledge and importance of Physiotherapy, while improving others' quality of life.


To create a community where recovery is never impossible. To improve lives of oneself, not only for themselves, but also for their loved ones.

Core Values

Integrity: We ensure that our therapists are committed to the highest standards of conduct and ethical practice.

Accountability: We are not only accountable to our patients, but also their family and loved ones who have trusted us to provide the best treatment.

Patient-Centric: We align our professional opinions with patients’ wants, needs and preferences to ensure a smooth road to recovery.

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